Software development beyond Blindness: My Active Story.

App Development and Programming

Hello World! This coming September 2019 will mark my 37 wonderful years of software development, originating in Seattle. My iPhone 6S+, now at 75+ days, has rekindled my computer programming lifestyle, despite I am now totally blind.
My original intention for buying the iPhone, in the first place, was to learn the Swift programming language, as a compiler for Android does not exist.
Well, to me, Swift is hard to learn when living in a developing world, such as The Philippines. Though I have now prepped up my iPhone for my self-learning of Swift, I decided to temporarily suspend Swift and do what I can already do!
As of this writing, I'm writing source code in the BASIC, the first computer programming language I learned, on my own, more than 36 years ago. It is a JOY to type in the code using my Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard, then typing "RUN" and hear VoiceOver speaks the results! In fact, it is better this way because I'm not writing specific code for the Radio Shack SP0256 speech synthesizer integrated circuit (IC), back in 1986.
Prior to my blindness, I was already programming in ANSI C. Now, on my iPhone, I have a C compiler, however, I'm using BASIC to reintegrate me into software development without vision.
For those using Twitter, you can follow my progress at @MirandaSoft, as I am not in Facebook.
Thanks for reading my latest post at the AppleVis website. Have a nice day!