Researching into iOS development after blindness

App Development and Programming

Hello world! One of the reasons for buying my iPhone 60+ days ago, was to learn the Swift programming language, because I heard from the Google Assistant, that Apple is teaching blind children how to program in Swift. Unfortunately, Swift compiler does not exist for Android.
Last night, on my iPhone with VoiceOver linked to my LogiTech Bluetooth keyboard, online C/C++ compiler, I successfully written & compiled my 1st ANSI C program, after 22 months of non-programming life due to blindness.
Prior to my blindness as a 3rd disability, caused by terrorism, I completed 35 wonderful years of Computer Science & Electronics Engineering, which includes 28 years of ANSI C programming in all operating systems. Last year, due to blindness, I had to retire from independent Linux development after 21 years.
My history of independent Apple development began with MOS 6502 Assembly on the Apple II in 1983, to Motorola 68k Assembly on the Apple Macintosh in 1987, to PowerPC C compiling in System 7.5.5, to Apple iBook G4 in 2006 with Xcode & Quartz Composer in 2006. I was unhappy when Apple announced the end of PowerPC support, a month after I bought the iBook G4!
On April 8, 2019, I paid for ads removal of an online Swift compiler while attempting to study Swift using 3rd party, Code Swift app. I am having extreme difficulty in learning Swift because I'm too anxious to learn with extremely limited resources.
On May 19, I downloaded the online C/C++ Compiler from the same developer of the online Swift compiler, and paid to remove the ads. I figure ANSI C is a no-brainer to me, however the default C++ code scared me because I never mastered C++. Luckily, I established contact with the developer of both online compilers, which helped me better understand the apps I invested in.
When it comes to software development, I'm traditionally known as a "utility expert". In other words, I don't make front-end stuff! Prior to my blindness, I was developing "bleeding edge" technology involving Speech Synthesis, Artificial Intelligence & CyberSecurity.
Now that I'm blind, I'm just a beginner at computer programming with 35 years of programming experience with vision!
Thanks for reading my latest post in the AppleVis website! Have a Great Day, Everybody!