Programing assistance for blind and low vision developers

App Development and Programming

Hello everyone,

I am a visually impaired Apple Developer who developed Talkie Video Player that you may heard of from another forum topic. I would like to announce that I am willing to provide programing assistance for blind and low vision programers.
The sessions would be held online via Skype.

I can teach a wide variety of topics but I can guarantee the best results with the following concepts:
- iOS Development with Cocoa Touch and Swift
- Mac Development with Cocoa and Swift
- Server-side development with C# and ASP.NET Core

Special care for blind and low vision developers:
Since creating user interfaces usually involves using interface builders, it can be difficult if not impossible for the blind to drag UI components around. I will teach you how to read design specifications from Invision or Zeplin and create the whole app UI programmatically.

Here is how it would work:
- You get in touch with me.
- We agree on schedule
- We share the screen via Skype.

If you are taking my lectures / assistance for the first time, it would cost $10 per hour. All additional lectures / assistance would cost $20 per hour.

You can reach out to me at