New idea to build an app for secure walking

App Development and Programming

I'm the Italian translator for Zello, the walkie-talkie app available for various os smartphones, as well for their website
I suppose (and hope) we can say that Zello is pretty well built about usability for visual impaired users, basing on how many appreciations the devs got until now, so I'm not here to talk about it.
I had an idea that may be worth to be developed into an app to help all to move better where they go, so I'm in search of serious and prepared developer to talk with about it, and face to face if there could be ways to fund rise for development and which could be the best steps to make it real.
Can say that considerations about this by highest levels in the app have been on the tone: 'it's a great idea', then I've been driven here.
If someone is interested, contact me.

Thnx, the best to you all!