Low Vision - VoiceOver Shut Off/On Please

App Development and Programming
Many blind people have some usable vision, especially with high contrast. I've noticed I can use several programs that do not work with VoiceOver if I can get them set up and running, but even their text instructions do not work with Voice Over. It would be lovely if these setup screens would allow VoiceOver and hen there was a way to really turn Voice Over of to give the proper navigation to use the program. The Tap to silence VoiceOverdoes not actually turn it off, so it is of little use in this case. Some of the Apps I can use without voiceover include mazes, photo apps (I am one of those blind photographers) jigsaw puzzles, some of the high contrast, self-paced games, etc. K7



Submitted by Jason Castonguay (not verified) on Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Under Settings; General; Accessibility, there is an option which allows a user to toggle a specific accessibility function. In this case, the VoiceOver and Black on White options options are available as well as a prompt for the choice if both are desired. If you select VoiceOver, then you can easily tripple-click your home key to toggle it on and off.

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