learning swift and objective C for a newbie?

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Hi all,

It's Joseph here. I have XCode on my mac, but have no idea how to program in swift or objective C. Can anyone give me some good (preferrably free) resources for learning these two languages? I'm a total newbie to programming, so I'll need all the help I can get.


Joseph King



Submitted by splyt on Wednesday, May 20, 2015


So we must sort things out before going wiith this.

First of all, objective C was the language on whichh the cocoa framework was (and at some extent still is) based on to code graphical applications for Mac and IOS.
Objective C is a hard, in my opinion bad-formed and verbose language, which adds to the C language inerent complexity its own layer of obscure and strange things, definetly making it one of the less switted options for someone who doesn't even know how to make a simple program.
After a long time, Apple has built and delivered a much much better language, which they called swift language. Although it's well designed and has hidden a good amount of complexity from the developper, swift has its own chalenges.
Now, I can give you some recomendations I am used to give for newbies. Usually they don't like what I will talk now, but the truth is that any engineer or developpers is likely to say the same, so let's advance:
You need to learn how to program before learning how to make applications for IOS or whatever system.
This means learning wat is a variable, what are functions, objects, and some other stuff.
Now, when learning, most part of people will want to follow a book or tutorials and type and see their own little softwares being made and developped, and let me tell you that xcode really really is not the tool you will want to help you in this learning, because it is itself so hard to use / manage with voiceover that it will add its own operations complexity on top of the complexity of learning how to program and learning a new language.
This comunity historically tends to ..... pretend that some inerent dificulties of running some Apple stuff does not exist, but the truth is that if I had to use xcode when I was learning how to program I probably would have given up on it.
Even for experienced devs using xcode may be really chalenging, so I recomend yiou search for something you can use to teach you the programming concepts you need first and I would suggest something like java or c# specially if you're on windows Visual Studio is such a dream to run, or php / python / ruby if you are interested in web programming to begin and after when you're familiar and skilled enough with programming you can try xcode with its own complexity and swift with its own complexity.
Should you want to start the hard way then search for swift tutorials on Apple's site, in fact they have a free ebook on it and, after you're confortable with the language then you look for cocoa and other frameworks specific information to develope graphycal applications.