I'm looking for a C to Swift learning-migration strategy for my iPhone.

App Development and Programming

Hello World! I'm having difficulty learning the Swift programming language! I'm searching for a strategic migration plan to help me convert my knowledge of ANSI C into Swift on my iPhone 6S+.

Prior to my blindness, I had 28 years of software development in ANSI C. Please note that I am NOT talking about C++ nor C#!

From the App Store, I downloaded the Sedona Swift Compiler, an online compiler; I paid to remove ads and am in E-Mail contact with the app developer. For my Swift "training tool", I downloaded Code Swift. And then, I hit a "brick wall"!

Since I was a habitual C programmer before my vision-loss, I downloaded the C/C++ Compiler, an online compiler from the same developer as Sedona, and paid to remove the ads. I rapidly touch-typed my "Hello World" in ANSI C while hearing VoiceOver stutter in pronouncing each key I'm pressing, on my Bluetooth keyboard. I can go "crazy" with coding in C, but that is NOT the reason why I bought my iPhone in the 1st place!

Every Swift tutorial I researched, has been about learning Swift from scratch, or for sighted developers! Whenever I hear Swift code with VoiceOver, I get sleepy and want to quit!

The Swift programming language is to be my 6th computer programming language and my 1st while blind.

Prior to vision-loss, my computer programming languages were BASIC, Assembly, CLISP, C & Prolog. C, or ANSI C has become my default computer programming language over the decades.

I live in the Philippines, age 49 and without vision for 17 months. I'm still American citizen, originally from Seattle, where my Computer Science life began in 1983.

In conclusion of this message, I believe I require a strategic plan on converting my C knowledge into Swift. If anyone have such a strategy or tutorial, then please let me know. Thanks!