Focus Group/Beta Testing for apps targeted to the blind/low-vision

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Hello all! Several weeks back I posted an inquiry asking for volunteers who might want to help in a Focus Group and Beta Testing for iPhone apps that are targeted specifically for low-vision and blind users. The response was quite healthy. Thanks to all who responded. I created a forum for these discussions on Yahoo. However, during the process, we found that the polls on Yahoo to be not very accessible. Also, only a small subset of those expressing intreats logged int to participate. I came up that the login process of Yahoo was also difficult from an accessibility angle. So, I have retooled to make the focus group more available to all who wish to participate. If you are still interesting in being in the Focus Group and/or the beta program, then please do the following: 1. Join the listserv for the focus group. You can do this in one of two ways: a. Visit and supply your e-mail and an administration password, or b. Send an e-mail to with a subject of SUBSCRIBE. Note the hyphen in the mailbox name. This will add you to the list, and an administrative password will be automatically generated and e-mailed to you. 2. Complete a seven question survey. This survey provides demographic information as well as some starting point questions for our discussions. The survey is found at: Looking forward to it, Ben Vegiard Web: eMail: Twitter: @BenVegiard



Submitted by Darrell Hilliker on Monday, June 27, 2011

I found some minor accessibility snags with the labeling of some of the check boxes and radio buttons in the accompanying survey.

I'm sorry to hear that. 10 people went through the survey and only 1 minor glitch was reported, so I felt pretty good about it. It was mostly a mix of JAWS on XP/Vista/Win 7 machines. Did you encounter anything that prevented you from completing the survey? Thanks, Ben