Digit-Eyes UPC database available for public use

App Development and Programming
Ever wanted to build your own app to use UPC data? At least a couple of people in this group have asked us about using our database and this is now possible. We've just released a new Applications Program Interface (API) that enables app and website developers to submit a UPC or EAN code and to obtain information for more than 37,000,000 common items. Information is available in 10 languages. The proprietary database has been created for Digit-Eyes, a popular iPhone/iPod app used by unsighted people to obtain product information. "Particularly after Google discontinued access to their shopping information in September, we were inundated by developers wanting to use our database information." said Nancy Miracle, President. "As a result, we created a variety of access tools to allow outside developers to obtain data from our UPC / EAN database. The new features include - JSON access for retrieval, deletion and upserts of database information; - XML access for retrieval, deletion and upserts of database information; - Features for batch retrieval of UPC / EAN information. "The API includes a free access tier to make it convenient for developers to 'try-before-buy' and to ensure that the data is a good fit for their needs. Pricing is a modest $1/1000 data accesses and there is no minimum monthly charge." Miracle continued. "We anticipate that licensing the database for commercial use will enable us to lower the price of our flagship Digit-Eyes product to the blind community." The product is available for view at http://digt-eyes.com/gtin/