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Hi all,

while I'm already used to programming - mainly with Java lately - and already know most things about programming UIs for Windows etc., programming an iOS app is making me face new challenges. Learning Swift wasn't that hard, but the Xcode developing environment is a lot different as I'm used to Eclipse. Unfortunately Xcode seems to be the only available environment. However, even the tutorial by Apple Inc. explains developing an UI based on the UI builder. Although this is technically no problem, as drag and drop can be handled with VoiceOver, I have problems with finding the place to drop elements, for example a text field, on. So basically I know what to do, I know how to do it - but I have no clue where I have to drop the text field, for I can't find the mentioned scene.

The alternative would be to write everything in code. I'm used to doing this with Java and Eclipse. Yet I don't know how to build a text-based UI in the template already provided by Xcode. The tutorial just orientates so strongly on the UI builder I simply don't dare to start messing around with my own code - I want it to be accessible and nice in the end, after all.

Do I really have no choice and have to use code? Is the UI builder really not accessible? And is there any modern book, tutorial... which tells me how to do complex UIs in code? I saw one of these books linked in another topic, but it is for iOS 3 - and I doubt that it's still apropriate for iOS 9, 10, 11...

Thanks in advance for your answers. I'll provide you with additional information if you have questions.




Submitted by PaulMartz on Sunday, October 22, 2017

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I've been using UI Builder with my remaining crappy low vision, but would love to know how to do it totally blind. It would also be nice to know how to put a UI together using the command lines tools (that is, no SDK, no visual programming environment).