The developers of Awareness! The Headphone App want your feedback

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App Development and Programming

Awareness! The Headphone App is designed to allow you to use headphones with your iDevice, but with the knowledge that important noises like warnings, shouts, sirens and alarms won't be missed.

Although not specifically intended for the blind or vision impaired, this app could have tremendous value to those of us who rely on our hearing to know what is going on around us.

The app currently has some issues with VoiceOver (mainly with button labelling), but the developers are working to correct this in future updates. They are also keen to receive feedback or comments on any improvements or additional features that people would like to see. They have specifically asked that you mention in the subject line of any email that you send them.

You can find more information on the Awareness app on the developer's website at or in the iTunes App Store.

Please email the Awareness support team with your feedback.