Aplle music library synchronization problem

Hello! I have got a problem with synchronization of my created playlists from my mac to iPhone's apple music library. When i create a playlist it doesn't show up on my iPhone nor in my iTunes for windows. iCloud library is turned on on all of my devices. What can i do with it? I'm using an iPhone 8 iOs 12.2 and macbook air 2018 with the latest Mac Os. Thank you!


Unfortunately, it didn't help

Hi all! Thank you for the article! Unfortunately, the methods that were described there couldn't help me to solve the issue. But I have figured out that the problem with the synchronization appears only with the playlist that contains all apple music songs. Here's how I create the playlist. 1. On my Mac I lounch iTunes and go down to the section where we choose songs, albums or artists to be shown. Than I interact with the area where all songs are displayed , press command plus a, than VO Shift m, find the add to playlists submenu, new playlist, type the name and press ok. The playlist is shown on my mac, but it doesn't show up on my iPhone.