Anyone a subscriber to F1 TV?

Hello Apple Vis,
I'm a new fan to Formula1, and it seems that ESPN's coverage is limited, or my TV guide with direct TV now is conflicting. I thought about subscribing to F1 TV, but wanted to know if anyone else subscribes to it, and get their opinion on usability.
Thanks in advance.


#1 Sad news

The accessibility is just awful. Not only the app but also the website is highly inaccessible. There are some things that can be done but it worsened over time.
I wrote a message to the Liberty Media people but never got any response.

#2 How long ago did you use the app?

How long ago did you use it?
I recently downloaded it, and used it for watching the Abudhabi Grand Prix, and didn't have much trouble.
I'll say the app does have some spots that need some more work, but I was able to use it to rewatch some of the races this season, and some of the races in previous seasons.

#3 Not that long ago. Yes, I was

Not that long ago. Yes, I was able to start races but
- I couldn't jump forward or backward (very useful if you watch older races)
- I wasn't able to set audio language
- It was not possible to chose onboard camera to hear specific team radio during live races