Anyone having FlickType issues?

I have been a keen user of flicktype since it reappeared, but I've started noticing issues with it recently.

Mostly serious lag. There doesn't seem to be rhyme or reason or specific apps, it just has moments when it goes insanely slow until I switch back to the IOS keyboard. I've been reluctant to remove and reinstall because of all the words now in the dictionary which weren't originally and sorting my subscription etc.

Anyone experienced this or fixed this?


are you on iOS 13 beta?

Are you on iOS 13 beta? If so, that would explain it, ever since iOS 13.1 PB, Flicktype and iOS 13.1 PB do not play nice with one another, I sure wish I'd known before I installed, well, that's beside the point, lol. At least I can still use it as a stand-alone keyboard. Anyway, good luck.

Not up to date

I was actually thinking the fact that I hadn’t updated to the last version of 12 might have been the problem. This is sad to hear.