Any good VoiceOver friendly apps to listen to MP3 files

The problem with listening to them in the Files app is that although it's accessible, I can only swipe forward 10% of the track which is okay for listening to songs but not so great with longer Files.
Ideally, what I'd like is an MP3 playing app that would allow me to skip forward 10 20 30 or 60 minutes, oh and one that doesn't use the Internet because I don't always have access to it.
If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know?



Voicedream works fine for mp3 files. You can either send them directly to it from aanother app, put them on dropbox and import them, or upload using itunes.

VLC Media Player

I use an app called VLC Mobile, it's an app that can play multiple audio and video formats. It's also very accessible.