Any free accessible sunrise and sunset trackers?

I was wondering if there were any accessible sunrise and sunset trackers out there?
If there are, how accessible are they?


what do you want to do

do you want to know civil sunrise/sunset (when the sun is at 0º horizon), daylight, or blue/golden hours so you know the best time to go out? well, doesn't matter, this app does it all:

it let you know all of the above today or any days of any years, and you can set notifications for all of the above sun positions or just the position you choose, i.e., just blue hours.

Weather Gods - Sunrise / Sunset

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Just to say Weather Gods will send a push notification for sunrise and sunset for multiple locations, as well as provide details within the app.

However it's not as detailed as the app mentioned by LaBoheme.


Try the built-in Weather app

the hourly forecast tab would let you know time of sunrise/sunset. builtin Weather app that comes with your phone, fully accessible.