Annoying swishing sound when I navigate apps on the Home screen

I reset my iPhone 8+ to reset all settings and since then I hear a swishing sound when I move from app to app in my Home screens. I can not remember where to turn it off. 3 years ago, after just receiving my iPhone 6S the same thing happened and somebody on this forum provided me with the answer. Assistance again will be much appreciated.


#1 Could it be this?

Hi, Maybe that is reachability? If so you can switch this off under settings, general accessibility. Swipe through the options there and you'll find a toggle button. Note this is not inside the VO settings this is just under Accessibility itself. HTH

#2 Reachability

That sounds like it might be reachability. Annoyed the hell out of me when it first happened to me.
Go to settings/general/accessibility and turn Reachability off.
Edit woops I see this has already been posted. That will teach me to post before reading the comments.

#3 Many Thanks

Hello again
Reachability under settings, General and accessibility was the problem. I turned it off. Thanks a tun to both of you for your assistance.

#4 Same issue. Thanks.

I turned this setting off too. So what is reachability anyway?

#5 Re comment 4

Hi, Basically if you have a large screen you use reachability to draw everything down from the top of the screen. So in theory you can reach all icons with say one hand. Certainly on iPhone 8 and below double tap without pressing the home button and it starts reachability double tap the home button again and it puts the phone back to normal. I have an 8 so not sure if that is what/how it works on the later phones.