Annoying problem setting up new iPhone 6, suggestions please.

Hello All,
I received my new iPhone 6 last night and what a wonderful device it is. I set it up last evening but have an annoying problem that I cannot figure out and need some suggestions. I'm sure it is simple but I cannot get my head around it.
I have all the standard Apple apps on the screen of page one like iTunes, contacts, stocks, app store, podcasts and everything else you would expect. However, I have none of my own apps there at all. I have about 100 of them including BBC weather, BBC news, Navigon, Blind Square, Audible and lots more but these are not there. I went to the app store and downloaded Audible again and although it was fine, the app said there was an error and did not load my books or even allow me to put in my username and passwrd. Therefore, I must have done something worng on setup.
Do you think I need to go back to iTunes and see if I am still pointing to my old iPhone 5s, look to see if the apps are in the cloud (I do not think so because I still have 4.7 Gb of space there and these apps are much bigger than that) or what?
Also, I can only get the British standard voice and not the enhansed one, what should I do there? I know this question has been asked again and again here but I cannot remember what was said. Do you have to select the enhansed voice and connect to iTunes for download or what?
A step by step list of what to do in both cases would be helpful.

Thank you,



#1 Hi.

Did you make a backup of your phone before you got your IPhone six?
If not, I'm sorry to say your apps are probably gone and that you'll have to download them all over again.

The good thing is you won't have to buy them again.

If I'm wrong on this please correct me and help this person out.

#2 Thank you Brad, yes...

Hello Brad,
Yes, I backedup my old Iphone 5s first before doing anything else. When I downloaded Audible again, it just said 'download' on the app store and didn't ask me for a password. Do you think it could be that I'm still pointing at the old iPhone 5s and I need to move to the new iPhone 6 to get the apps to the correct place? Also, what about the enhanced UK voice? I've selected this in 'voices' in accessability but no joy with that either even when I connect to iTunes.



#3 restore from an iCloud backup

Hi. The easiest way to do this is to restore from your most recent iCloud backup, if you have one. To do this, do the following...
1. Go to settings, reset, reset all content and settings and follow the prompts. Soon, your phone will reboot and it'll be like a new phone, basicly we're starting over from scratch.

2. Turn on VoiceOver by either doing a triple tap on the home button, or you can ask Siri to do it for you.

3. In the setup screens, you'll get to a screen that gives you the option to either set up as a new iPhone, or restore from an iCloud backup. So choose restore from an iCloud backup, and you'll be given a list of your most recent backups. When I bought my iPhone 6, I did an iCloud backup just before I left to go get it, so the backup was very recent. I've heard people say that if you try to restore from an older backup, it sometimes fails. So choose your most recent backup, and all your apps will download. This may take some time, depending on hw many apps you have, and it sounds like you have a fare few, so just kick back and relax for a bit and your apps will download. If the backup works, your apps will be organized in exactly the same way your previous iPhone was. I've heard that backing up from iTunes is faster, but I have a love-hate relationship with iTunes in windows 7. I use it only when I absolutely have to, and that ain't a lot. LOL! Either way, if you want all your apps back just like your old iPhone was, that really is the best way, at least that I know to do this.

#4 ICloud backup is truly the way to go.

The instructions that we're given for the iCloud backup were accurate. Keep in mind, that you must have a Wi-Fi connection to use iCloud. The restoration of your device, depends on the speed of your wireless network. Make sure that you are completely restored before taking the phone out of your home or wherever you're doing your restoration at.

#5 Thank you all.

Dear All,
Thank you all for your advice. Thinking about it, I guess the problem was I set the new iPhone up as a new device and did not restore from the most recent backup from my old iPhone 5s I did just before connecting the new iPhone 6. Therefore, from what you say, Itunes thinks it's a new device and won't pick up my apps from iTunes, only giving me the set of Apple apps like the ones I described above. Is that correct?
Should I therefore have all my apps, music and other things in the cloud even if I don't know it? I've always used iTunes and can see the lists of music, apps, audio books and other stuff but didn't realise it was also in the cloud. How do I make sure it is in the cloud as Tunehead suggests? I understand that I'll have to switch off 'Find My iPhone' and reset to factory settings to make it a new iPhone again but how do I make sure my data is in the cloud?
Also, what about my problem with the enhanced voice? I've tried again at work to day to get the enhansed UK voice to work but no go, I've still got the standard one which is not that great. A step by step would also help for getting the UK voice to go to enhanced quality.

By the way, I have a fast (if you are British) connection of about 38 Mb from Sky and I'm quite close to the hub connection.

Thank you all,


#6 Not sure about backups, but can help with the voice

Hi Steve
I'm not sure exactly what the settings were on your old phone, but in the iCloud settings screen you can determine what's backed up, and what isn't. You will probably have to get all your music from iTunes, but most of your apps should be there if you've backed them up. As for the hq voice, you can download them manually now, and you can have more than one hq voice. To do this go to settings, general, accessibility, VoiceOver on, button, and then scrole down to a button labeled speech. Double tap that, and then scrole down to another button labeled default dialect. Yours will probably say something like default dialect, UK English. Double tap the default dialect, UK English button. To get the HQ voice, scrole to an element that says something along the lines of, enhanced quality, 117 mb. If it's already installed and you're in this screen it'll say, enhanced quality, using 117 megabytes. If it's the standard one, just double tap where it says enhanced quality, and the voice will download. or at least, that's what it did for me. I hope some of this helps!

#7 Thank you, success using 'the cloud'

Dear all,
The cloud worked so thank you so much for the help. The only problem I still have is with the voice. I know it is the standard one because it grates on me but when I follow the above instructions and find that I have aparently selected the enhanced voice, nothing changes. Am I not hitting an install button or something? I remember on the last upgrade I had the same problem but my sighted son just clicked something without voice over on and the enhanced voice started. My only problem is that he is about 200 miles away from me now in York, North Yorkshire and I'm in the South in a place called Essex. Quite a long way for us Brit's but I understand for some of the rest of you.


#8 Don't know if this helps, but...

Hi. I'm not sure if this will help, but most times when the HQ voice was downloading, it just started working on its own. I'd be doing something and the HQ voice just started working automaticly. I'm not sure if the HQ voice will download if the screen is locked or not, so what you might do is look at the phone to see if the voice you want is installed. It should say something like UK English, using 120 megabytes. If it doesn't say that, try downloading it again, but while it downloads, do other things on the phone and see if the voice just starts working on its own. If that doesn't work, let us know and we can try to investigate a bit more.

#9 It works!

Hello Toonhead and others,
Thank you for your help with these problems. I have now got the enhanced UK voice working. I'd like to know what happened to do the trick but I'm quite confused! I went into speech and checked that the voice was on enhanced which it was. I then changed to default and switched back to enhanced. I then 'had a fiddle' with the rotar and straight away the voice change to enhanced. The voice now sounds much clearer and all words are pronounced correctly, even 'dim' which used to sound like 'di'.