Alex Voice Bug in Yosemite

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Can anyone confirm the way Alex pronounces the pronoun "Her"? Each time I type that word Alex pronounces it twice.
Is there any workaround for this?


all works here.

I don't have the issue. contact apple accessibility Tuesday when they are open by phone.

Not noticed that one, but

Not noticed that one, but there's quite a few problems I've found.

Mine says Nice as niece. Most annoying.

Report tht to apple. do this

Report tht to apple. do this through the mail and a log of what was spoken last. Read the manual for more info.

Take care.

Nice being pronounced as niece, by Alex.

Here's the issue with nice being pronounced as niece, by Alex.

If you capitalize the word nice, at the beginning of a sentence, no problem. However, if you write the following:

"Have a very Nice day!"

You'll notice Alex pronounces it as niece. Now, if you write the same sentence, but with the word nice, all in lowercase letters:

"Have a very nice day!"

Nice is no longer pronounced niece.

Still, it's an annoying bug, granted.

Now, as to the pronoun her, I don't usually notice what was described, however, when I wrote her, followed by a comma, here on the site, Alex did say her very rapidly, twice. Perhaps the trailing comma is the issue? Just writing her without a comma after the word, doesn't seem to yield the same results.


yeah, I see the nice bug.

yeah, I see the nice bug. This is not a speech synth bug, it's a VO pronunciation bug. I think you could try the pronunciation dictionary in VO, under speech settings. HTH