accessible weather apps

Dear Apple vis
Does anyone know of any accessible weather apps? I have checked the weather category on this site but there doesn't seem to be anything there
Let me know


I have, and use several different ones.

Hello there. I actually use different ones including ones that have a bit of aditude to them. some of them cost, and some are free. I use caret weather a lot even though it can be rather snarky, you can turn that off if you don't want it being that way. that one shows you forecasts, and even hour by hour as well. I can't quite remember what it costs, but you can even get alerts with it as well. I think it might be around 5 bucks. you can even use different weather sources, but that is a subscription service, wich isn't much at all. If memory serves, I think 2.99 a year. If memory serves, there should be an podcast on this site for that app that someone did.

Weather gods

I use 3apps. One for allergies, one for severe weather alerts and one for regular weather.
I love and use weather gods. It has wind notifications and it’s 100% accessible. The dev is always active on here too! It costs $3, but it’s welll worth it!
Thomas did a podcast on the app, which I found helpful. And after listening to it bought the app!

Sorry I don’t have a surfing app.

Accessible Weather Apps

Weather gods is an app that I know is striving to make all of the features accessible with there app, however, I believe it costs several dollars to purchase.

To answer your question regarding surfing and winds there is a app called: Surfline.

Apple wrote up a post about a blind surfer I will link to at the bottom of this post. Since the individual mentioned in the article uses this app on a regular basis I would say that it is either usable or accessible, but this could change depending on version numbers and updates. I myself have not used the app so I can't say for certain if it is 100 percent accessible. It would definitely be worth giving it a try though.

Link to the article:

Hope this helps.

Weather Office

I also bought Weather Gods, because the work the developer is doing for those of us who use voiceover is very much worth supporting. While I do use this app for more detailed information, my go to for a quick overview of the weather is an app called WeatherOffice. No need to explore the screen much, just one touch let you know the majority of desired information for the day.

My personal favourite is the

My personal favourite is the award winning Weather Gods, but I also like BBC Weather. I also use Met Office, but only to receive notifications relating to weather warnings in my current location or a location of my choosing.


Hey guys
a lot of the coments posted mention weather gods and weather office.
I have one question though, are these apps accessible and are they easy to read
Thanks in advance for all the coments

As previously posted, Weather

As previously posted, Weather Gods is 100% accessible with VoiceOver and the developer is active in this community so has a strong commitment to accessibility. Hope this helps.

weather office

does anyone know if you can use weather office outside of the usa?
thanks nlambert

Acessible Weather Apps.c

I also have Weather Office and it is very accessible. But my favorite is Weather Radio, which is also very accessible and customizable with tons of different watches, warnings and advisories that you can set up for your location and other favorite locations. But my favorite thing about this app is that you can purchase a lightning subscription annually for a few dollars to alert you when lightning is within 6 or 8 miles of your location. I also have Dark Sky, which lets me know when any precipitation will be in my area.

weather office

hey guys.
I know I posted a while ago about accessible weather apps and I have found weather office as a good option.
however, I have one question, am I able to use this app if I don't live in the USA? if so, how do I change my location to a different country?