Accessible Sound Pressure Level Meter software/IOS Application

I am wondering if anyone has come across a Voiceover hardware/software application accessible Sound Pressure level meter?
I would love to be able to measure spl of my home theater in order to calibrate it correctly.
It would be very useable with a tactile haptic feedback system integrated in the application to report different limits or setting changes.
Would love to know your thoughts


Justin T


i don't know about hardware but

I do know of a software one that works well with voice over.
Decibel : dB sound level meter by Vlad Polyanskiy
The way the app is arranged is, the first thing you'll see the, baced on the noice beeing detected, voiceover will say for example, quiet room. Then voiceover will read, dba, max, and ⦁ OVER. Following this, you'll see 3 numbers. in that order. So the first number would be dba, the next one max, and the following that the ⦁ OVER. So bacicly, the counters are first, followed by there values after the counters. To reset them back to default or the minimum, double tap on the number. Once the app is open, the app will start recording by default. If you want to start/stop recording, there are buttons to do so. Sorry I cant help you with hardware. As far as I know, there isn't one yet, I could be wrong though.Software wize though, hope this is of use.

Thanks for this

Thanks for this recommendation, will give it a look!