Accessible shopping list app

So I am looking for a shopping list. I am using iOs and have an iPad and an iPhone.
What I really need is a simple checklist that supports handoff so I can use it in my iPhone. Have tried using the native notes app but the thing on that is that it sais the selection before the item wich makes it take a long time to use.
I need a simple, free list that works with VoiceOver.
I don¨’t want a lot of details and ”fancy” features that are inaccessible. I just want a list.
I had one for my apple watch but this was not accessible enough and so on.
Thanks in advance.



You might take a look at OurGroceries. It's accessible on both iOS and Windows. It even interfaces with the Amazon Echo so you can add items using Alexa.


This is exactly what I have been looking for. No checkmarks and the crossed over items are sh own below with clear separation. I am going to use it. Finally! Have been looking all over the app store. Thanks.