The Accessible Netflix Project

Note from the AppleVis Editorial Team: This post is not strictly related to the accessibility of Apple products and services. However, the AppleVis Editorial Team has given the author special permission to post it. Any post that you feel may fall outside the AppleVis guidelines must be submitted directly to the AppleVis Team for pre-approval; posting of off-topic content without the express permission of AppleVis will result in that content being removed immediately, and possible further action being taken. My name is Robert Kingett, and I am the creator of the accessible Netflix project, a grass roots advocacy group that's dedicated to making sure that Netflix makes their service and website accessible across all platforms, including adding audio description to their streaming content. The web page is If you want to read about us in the news, that page is  We have been working with the Description Leadership Network (DLN) — a coalition of description and video-accessibility stakeholder organizations that includes the American Council of the blind, the American Foundation for the Blind, the National Federation of the Blind, and many others. The Description Leadership Network is seeking to open a dialog with Netflix regarding accessibility of their services for blind customers. Dr. Joshua A. Miele, Founder and Corresponding Secretary of The Description Leadership Network, is coordinating the effort to engage with Netflix on a variety of accessibility issues faced by blind Netflix customers. In late September, Dr. Miele sent a letter to Reed Hastings offering to help organize a meeting that would include Netflix representatives, DLN members, the Accessible Netflix Project, and other important media-accessibility stakeholders. They have ignored us, completely, after saying they did not receive the letter when we sent it via hard copy and email copy multiple times, and after calling about the letter. Have a look around the site, there's many ways you can help us and we are definitely planning our next step, with very big leaders in organizations and we hope to have your support as well!


#1 accessible netflix project

Hello there Robert welcome to the applevis community and we are glad that you are starting a project to make the netflix website accessible and working with organizations to provide audio description to the netflix movies. Please keep us updated on the progress of this project and if we can help you in any way let us know.


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Thank you! We actually have steered this group a year ago and that's how people found us from theca, AFB, and NFB, and all of that. The best thing that I can tell you about the blog is to subscribe and stay tuned. When we first started we were documenting everything that we were doing in regards to the companies, such as Hulu, making connections, and their responses but now that we have tried so many avenues, news posts less frequently now but it does happen! LOL.

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We actually have not had a person join our team who uses an iPhone or the like but we do have much feedback from this community regarding the accessibility of everything apple related. I have a Mac and I'm an idiot on the thing so I would be great to have more apple supporters. We have tried to contact someone at apple regarding adding more descried content but haven't found anyone definitive to speak with past customer support. On LinkedIn, people don't usually look at messages either, sadly but thank you! We’re working on a YouTube channel now so users can document their accessibility barriers and the like, so stay tuned! It would be great if we can have more on the team.