Accessible dictionary


what everyone the most favorite English dictionary? I'm looking with an accessible English dictionary paid or free, it seems that the American Heritage Dictionary has accessibility issues,

any ideas are very appreciated!



Hi there Taichon,
If you are talking about an iOS app, for a quick definition, I just ask Siri. You say, "Definition" and then say the word and Siri will answer.

Also if you are needing an iOs app

If you need an offline dictionary for iOs, I would recomend Terminology by Agile tortise. It's free and accessible with VO.

siri works too for me

I uie Siri myself. I just ask her `Siri what's the definetion of ___ or what does ___ mean?` & she gives me the meaning)s)

thanks for suggestion

already know the siri definition, and will check the terminology app suggestion, but if there another accesible dictionary please don't hesitate to share, greatly appreciated