accessible board game apps?

Hi, Are there any accessible apps of board games? I'm thinking of games like life, monopoly, mille bornes, and so on. thanks.


Dice with Buddies

Hi, Dice with Buddies wich is very similar to yahtzee is pretty accessible and was running for free the other day. Not sure about others though.

Dice with buddies

Hi, I have IYacht which is a yahtzee clone, and it works great. thank you for the suggestion


Hi. There is Shredder, a chess application which is accessible with voice over. More information can be found on PCS games' list of accessible iPhone games.

board games

accessible mind sweeper hanging with friends hang men


Hi, just bumping this three as headed on holiday with the folks on Friday and looking for some rainy day activities.

Blindfold Games Has Board Games

Blindfold Games has at least a few board games, a few I can think of off the top of my head are Blindfold Opoly, a Battleship one, and Road Trip, which is basically the same thing as Millse Borne. I think there's also chess and/or checkers and possibly Reversi too,

Blindfold RS games

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their is also Blindfold RS Games. Marty, the developer of all the Blindfold games, was sent the code of RS games, and has written this game for iOS. the RS games client was originally for windows Mac, and Linux, and it is a server one can connect to and play all sorts of games. From board games to card games, and everything in between. Blindfold RS Games can be found in the App Store on iOS under the name, Blindfold RS Games. When I use the computer version, be it Mac or windows, I frequently play with iOS users. the only drawback to Blindfold RS Games is no voice chat is available in that app, though the computer versions have it. the reason for this is that voice chat is costly to develop in the Blindfold RS games app for iOS. this app offers demos of some of the games, and other games for free, who'll the computer versions all games are free. Marty has decided to go with a partly paid app, because he needs money to compensate for the port to iOS. I think to buy all the games is $30.