Accessibility of SiriusXM iOS App

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Has anyone had recent experience with the Sirius XM app on an iPhone? How accessible is it?


don't attempt it

I used it 3 years ago on a free trial someone had. and it was not a fun experience.
save yourself the headache

What parts of it were inaccessible?

Could someone please check again if they have the time. It’s only eight dollars for a whole bunch of content anyway if you’re only going to use it on the phone. It’s a good deal but I want to know if it’s actually worth it. I mean.

Accessibility of Sirium XM

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Went ahead and downloaded Sirius app on my iPhone. App seems to be very VoiceOver friendly. Have not experienced any problems yet. Channel name and what is currently playing is a little wordy. Different type of service from Apple Music or Spotify but Sirius has a boatload of content and I can listen to baseball and football broadcasts with the higher end Sirius package. Can listen to Sirius in the car or on my iPhone or computer at home.

Subscription plans?

What are the different subscription plans you can sign up for. Is it cheaper if you just sign up for the eight dollar one that lets you stream on the phone, do you have to sign up for a more expensive one even if you’re just going to use your phone?

Correct me if I'm wrong

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I believe that to listen to baseball or football on SiriusXM, you have to have the full package. What I mean is you can't just have an online only package, but you need to have a radio subscription as well. Is this correct? Thanks.

Oh, and to answer the original question, the app is fully accessible. It may be a bit of a confusing layout, but if you play around with it enough, you'll be able to find whatever you want that they offer.