accessibility of lifeline games

Hello, has anyone tried the new lifeline game: crisis line? I would like to know if this one, unlike lifeline: whiteout is accessible with voiceover. Also, regarding Whiteout, did anyone get any more information from the developers about the accessibility of that game?
Thank you for the information.


Accessibility of Crisis Line

I'm happy to say that all's well so far with Crisis Line. I just started it with no issues. Sad to hear about Wipeout, though, as it has multiple characters.

Make White out accessible?

In other tread someone tried to contact 3 Minute Games to see if this can happen, but now with the game Lifeline - Flatline I still want to play this. I don't care for the money but I really want to play that game that I paid for. I still try to contact them, but now they don't answer


Is flatline not accessible? I wanted to buy it but wasn't sure. I contacted recently about whiteout which was not accessible either. they didn't seem very open to making the app accessible, only mentioned that they would pass the request along and that they would keep it ind mind for future releases.


Yes, Flatline its accessible.


I think that if a lot of people tries to contact them for this, they can do it because there are not only one person requesting it.


Well, I contacted Big Fish Games customer support and asked about making Whiteout accessible with VoiceOver. I asked them to let me know if there was anything I could do to help such as beta test Whiteout for accessibility at some point. Here is the response.

Hi Chris,

This is Jason in Seattle, thanks so much for writing in. I understand that there has been a little trouble with Lifeline: Whiteout not working with VoiceOver. I definitely understand wanting to be able to enjoy this game as well, so I'll check into it right away.

While it's certainly possible that VoiceOver support could be added in the near future, I don't have any information on an update at this time. While we don't necessarily receive feedback on why certain things are left out of games, I'm wondering if there might have just been something different with the software that wasn't cooperating properly with VoiceOver.

I will pass this along though and will definitely keep you in mind if we do have a Beta test for accessibility with Lifeline: Whiteout. I apologize for any inconvenience but I hope this answered all your questions and you have a great rest of your day.

Best Regards,

Well, that was probably just a generic response. Still, maybe if enough people contact Big Fish support about this, something can be done. I encourage everyone to contact them and politely ask about this. The more requests they get, the more likely something may actually be done. I'd hate to miss out on part of this series just because the game didn't work properly when there's no reason it shouldn't.

For those of you wondering, this is the only inaccessible game. Flat Line and Crisis Line are completely accessible. I loved Flat Line and am currently playing Crisis Line.

Do you guys think I should just wait and see if the app gets updated or get a refund from Apple? I'm willing to wait a month or two to see if anything happens. I guess if nothing happens in the near future, I can always get a refund from Apple.


I don't want to offend, but they alwais say that. And 3 Minute Games don't answer, I have less hoppe that this will happen


Maybe theres something that can happen, contacted Big Fish games, here's the answer.
Hi Ulises,

This is Jason in Seattle, thanks for writing in. I understand that you'd like to see VoiceOver support for Lifeline: Whiteout and I can definitely check into that for you.

At this time I don't have any information on when we might have an update to include VoiceOver support but I will be happy to pass this along. I have seen multiple requesting the same thing so I hope we do see this soon. I'll also be sure to keep you in mind if we do have a beta test for it first.

I apologize for any inconvenience but I hope this answered all your questions and you have yourself a great weekend.

Best Regards,