Want To Learn About Federal Law Requiring Internet Accessibility For The Blind?

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Hi All. Retired lawyer/judge pro tem here. No longer an attorney so can't give advice. That yearly license renewal fee is expensive!

I've noticed folks on AppleVis might be a little in the dark when it comes to an important bit of law enacted in 2010. I don't know but I would be surprised if congress ever repealed it. Here's some key provisions:

Title I - Telecommunications Access
Requires advanced communications services and products to be accessible by people with disabilities. ...
Requires access to web browsers on mobile devices by people who are blind or visually impaired (a "ramp" to the Internet on mobile devices).

It says a lot more than just this. If you'd like to find out what else the law requires, here's the address:


I'm sure google can tell you how courts have interpreted and enforced this law since 2010.

So, remember. Internet access isn't a privilege; it is a statutory right established by federal law.

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Submitted by Bo on Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Hi Bruce!

Thanks for sharing this. It's timely in that lately I've been asked to test my own telecom company's compliance with screen readers. Being primarily a Mac user, my JAWS skills are really rough at present, and the interface they're asking to test is Windows only. Still, it opens up an interesting topic.

I was recently directed to a PR webpage hosted by my employer that says how they are "compliant" with all these standards for access. My thought is, is compliance enough? That's the bare minimum, in my opinion. Would anyone else agree? Anyone and everyone can "comply," but the rare exceptions will go above and beyond, and make something truly accessible.

I think I'm spoiled with Apple products.

Thanks again! I'm sure this link will be very useful.