VoiceOver support in SomaFM music streaming iOS app

Accessibility Advocacy

Hello World! After being a SomaFM fan for most of their 2 decades, I decided to purchase their iOS app, not knowing if it is fully accessible with VoiceOver. The app is functional with some glitches with VoiceOver. In the Apple App Store, I gave 5 stars with a brief note that it has minor issues with VoiceOver. The developer responded before I wrote to the developer via E-Mail!
In my 1st E-Mail to SomaFM, I explained, in detail, the glitches I've found when using VoiceOver, such as being stuck in the Settings menu, and maneuvering issues. They responded, saying they will be talking to their programmer.
The SomaFM app on my iPhone with VoiceOver works at playing selected music channels, but other functions are trivial while the favorites option is non-functional. For example, the stop button is found last after numerous right-swipes; alternatively, pressing the hardware button on your headphones works!
Have a Great Day, everybody!