VoiceOver compatibility of Radio Scanner audio streaming apps

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Hello World! I'm recently blind as 3rd disability, after 35 wonderful years of computer science, including software development for all operating systems.
Since I became blind, as a former developer, I am routinely in E-Mail contact with Android & now iOS developers, in making my favorite apps to have accessibility for blind users. If an app is not working with my screen reader, I contact the developer.

ScannerRadio: 100% accessible with VoiceOver! However, on-screen volume control also changes VoiceOver volume level; don't press Mute or else you won't hear VoiceOver! Developer is researching how to separate audio channels.
LiveATC: 100% VoiceView compatible! Same audio issue with ScannerRadio, however LiveATC developer has not responded to my E-Mail.
Broadcastify: warning! Broken VoiceOver controls! Developer has disregarded my E-Mail messages and BANNED me from their website, because I'm blind!

My iPhone is 60+ days old and I have now discovered how to use Apple Mail! I've been following the AppleVis Twitter account for some time, and I needed a place to post my volunteer accessibility advocacy posts.
Have a Great Day, everybody!



Submitted by René Jaun on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Hello! Thanks for your reports.
However... I am more than concerned about a side note you wrote:
Did you really get banned from a website BECAUSE you are blind? Or BECAUSE you gave blindness-related feedback?
If so, this is highly unacceptable to me; and it may well be illegal as well. Could you detail the situation? And can we, as a community, support you in any way regarding this?
Anyway, you do seem to be very active when it comes to accessibility advocacy. Thanks for the work you do!

Submitted by Dawn 👩🏻‍🦯 on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

I use scanner radio. And I use Broadcastify but not as much. I don't see the problem you are having. If I want to turn the volume up on the scanner I use the volume buttons. I have 2 say I had the same issue finding accessible police scanner apps. I tried 5-0 radio but found it's accessibility lacking. With ads in particular. One day I seen this app while browsing for an app like this but accessible. Decided to try it since it was free & have been in love ever since.
As to getting banned, I'd like a little more info too. You may be able to report this to government agencies. And if not that, at least you can spread the word in other blindness & blindness apple related forums. Maybe get the Acb. Nfb. or equilelent involved. I don't know where you live, but these are blindness related advocacy orgs in the US.