VO in iPhone 5S

Accessibility Advocacy
Hi! I'm just wondering, how is Voice over in iPhone 5S? Is it better voice or quality etc? maybe is it no much differenting between iPhone 5 and 5S? it isn't any other gestures you can do in 5S same as 5? Okay. iPhone 5S is faster, better camera, and the new function on home button. So I with iPhone 5 would not make a very much changing if I will buy 5S.



Submitted by Ivo Trompert on Friday, October 11, 2013

Because the iPhone 5s uses the same software as the iPhone 5, the only difference you encounter is the hardware. By that I mean the speed of the phone or the finger print scanner. So what that means for VoiceOver is that it may be a little bit faster but there are no added capabilities.