TuneIn Radio Pro solved some issues but not alarm clock

Accessibility Advocacy
Hi, I just wanted to let you know that TuneIn Radio Pro updated today both for iPhone and iPad. on the changelog some accessibility improvements are documented, and, of course there are some. For example, I noticed on the iPhone the ability to easily search for a station. but, on the iPhone there is no way to browse similar stations, while playing one. you can do it from the iPad but not from iPhone. iPhone says "page 2 of 3", but there is no way to flip those pages and change then, of course, the alarm clock issue is still present A sighted colleague told me there is a graphical wheel to turn and set time. A wheel, that voiceover sees as a blank space I am really going to lose my patience, I wrote a mail to support at tuneinradio dot com, please help me making them pay attention to the problem, to make them understand this issue is quite urgent to solve! I do not want to give up, we do not have to give up! On the contrary, at the same time, I'd not like to send swearwords to them, but sincerely this would be the first reaction this issues is causing me! Why could I wake up with radio till august 2012, then, someone decided that the wheel was cooler than the standard select boxes and changed it making the ability to wake up with radio, impossible to blind users!



Submitted by Suey on Monday, June 17, 2013

Hi, I m having the same problem, very annoyed that I can no longer set the alarm timer. I have too sent the developers an email but have had no reply. Did they ever reply to you? Have you managed to find an alternative app to use? I purchased iradio earlier today in the hopes of being able to set their alarm but was pretty annoyed to find out that the app is identical to tune in in every way including the alarm - argh!