talking with developers of Parler

Accessibility Advocacy

Hello all, I am wondering if anyone on the AppleVis team would be interested in talking with the developers of Parler to find out if they would be interested in getting the app more user friendly with VoiceOver so that those of us who wish to join could have that opportunity? I heard a very nasty attitude about this topic on a Facebook group from someone in the blind community a couple of days ago, and was not pleased. There was no need to be disrespectful and blame the developer for not caring about those of us who are blind, and it doesn't seem the app has far to go to be fully accessible. Just getting a way to solve the captcha when you first log in, the account creation process is accessible now, and you just need an audio challenge option. Second, some of the buttons are already labeled, that just needs to be completed. Just thought it might be something to find out from the AppleVis team. See if the developer would be interested in appearing on an AppleVis podcast episode?



Submitted by Kevin Shaw on Monday, November 16, 2020

I've sent their developers a note on the sign up procedure. They've told me they are slammed as the platform is experiencing explosive growth right now. Accessibility has slipped down the priority list.
The developers do want to make the platform usable by as many as possible, but they're under stably taken aback by all of the attention they're getting My suggestion right now is using a Be My Eyes or Aira to sign up.
We can develop a petition to show them there's interest and definitely invite them to the resources and community here.

Submitted by Wayne Scott Jr on Tuesday, November 17, 2020

I also use app and I also sent them feedback. I would definitely sign petition to make app more accessible. If you want to follow me, just look for ear1.