Sirius/XM APP Accessibility for Totally-Blind User

Accessibility Advocacy
I signed the petition to ask Sirius/XM to make the controls on its IPhone APP accessible to the blind. I noticed recently that the APP Store had an update to that APP among the other Apps I have on my IPhone. Did JSirius/XM make any improvements to benefit us? A few days ago when I had sighted help available, I asked him to set my phone to the Classical Category. He also told me about a few of the controls - that there is a Category Button at the lower left, along with a Favorites Button. One of my BIG ISSUES with the App is how to turn it off when I am through listening. The only way I found to do it is to power the IPhone off, which seems quite radical to me. Since I have external keyboards for my IPhone, I have thought about launching the App again, then "knobbin' around" with the arrow keys to see if I can get any control over the App. Of course, I for one feel that it is indeed shameful - and perhaps inexcusable - for Sirius/XM to have such poor accessibility. Several of the controls read simply "Button." I would like to blindfold some of the folk at Sirius/XM and require then to operate the App. Of course, the inevitable - and damnable - question is often raised, "Don't you have someone who can see to help you operate the program?" Again, I will appreciate any insight that any of you have on this one.