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Recently (a few months back), I downloaded an app called DMDJ. The app allows GMs to create background music for their tabletop gaming sessions. (Think: eerie cave sounds, tranquil forests etc.) Anyway, after paying for it, I found it to be 100% inaccessible. There was no warning of this and no way to get a refund for my wasted money. I contacted the developer to inquire on VoiceOver support and they, quite rudely, informed me that accessibility was simply not their concern. They have no interest, need, or desire to implement VoiceOver support. So my question is: What can we do? At the VERY least, they must put a disclaimer on their app proclaiming their lack of desire to render the app useable for blind users. Otherwise, they're simply taking a user's money with no accountability. Is there a relevant Apple contact form one might use to try and get this developer to consider being reasonable? Honestly, I'd rather have this app than my money back; it's a great concept.



Submitted by Justin on Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hmm interesting point. I think it is a good idea, but some debs either don't even know about VoiceOver, or don't care about the accessibility APIs. They Don't need a disclaimer, I just think that they should've been a little more understanding about your needs.