problem with two finger double tap

Accessibility Advocacy
Hello! Yesterday I dowloaded a music track that I use as ringtone on my iPhone. First time The track placed on my music app than after that I'c transfring over to ringtones. But my problem is, whenever, wherever I am, and every time I will double tap on my device that my ringtone same as the music track will start to play. It's very frustrated. Can I stop it anywhere else and how to do? Before I get this ringtone, then nothing happend when I'll double tap, I mean no sounds louded. But right now my ringtone will play all time. My considering is if it should help to remove the track on the music app? but I'm worry if my ringtone also will removed or? Normally it wouldn't loud anything by two finger double tap if someone dont calling me or if I dont want to listening music. Thank you for helping!!!