Normalising the Conversation: The Road to Accessible Music Tech

Accessibility Advocacy

Hi everyone, first of all I would like to wish you all a very happy new year. I have been putting together a really special event for the final project for my masters degree. On Friday 8th January, 2021 at 3pm UK time, I am hosting an event called Normalising the Conversation, the Road to Accessible Music Tech. I have brought together several key players from manufacturing, education and retail to discuss the way forward with accessibility in 2021 and beyond it. I have found several passionate people who are willing to commit and make a difference in terms of accessibility. Some of the companies who will be there are, Native Instruments, Antares, Focusrite/Novation, Avid, Arturia and the Music Industries Association, in the UK. I would love for you to attend the event.
See link below to sign up…