New York Times Technology Blog Coverage of LookTel Money App

Accessibility Advocacy
The LookTel Money Reader is the subject of The New York Times Technology coverage in today's blog article, "An iPhone App Helps the Blind Identify Currency" by Nick Bolton: Could some of our articulate iPhone users get on the NY Times blog and post a comment? The current comments are all of the nature: "How do blind people use a touchscreen?" and "How would a blind person know the camera was pointed at the money? The technology is nice but I doubt this will help the blind very much." and "uh… can someone explain to me how a blind person can operate the iPhone without sight?" You have to register to post. I have to dash, so I can't answer this myself, but it would be nice if somebody brought this to mainstream attention -- like the fact that the various iPhone lists probably have over a thousand unique subscribers. Esther