Looking for software or application to help with massage therapy work

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Hello everyone. I hope that I am posting this in the right place. My name is Fernanda and I am almost done with school I am becoming a licensed massage therapist. I would like to know if there are any other licensed massage therapist out there and I am planning to start my own business from home I would like to know if there are software or applications that I can use to do my health history forms and SOAP notes. I have an iPhone 5s also have a Windows computer running Windows 8, and I recently God a Mac book Pro. Thank you in advance for all the help. ☺️



Submitted by Roxann Pollard on Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hello Nanda:

Being a transcriptionist myself, I know exactly what you are looking for with regard to the SOAP Note format. I just took a look a Google for you and found the following app. However, I cannot personally tel you if it is compatible with VoiceOver as I haven't obtained the app myself. Following is the description from the AppStore:

SOAT Notes, Eclectic DNA, LLC. $19.99


SOAP Notes is a robust client/patient manager app that is specifically designed to allow for quick, accurate SOAP Notes for each client/patient's visit.
SOAP Notes is ideal for any person who must manage detailed notes for each client/patient visit and needs an app that will enter the notes quickly, and

- HIPPA Compliant (Encrypted backups, encrypted passcode, cloud syncing protected by SSL encryption)
- Connection to the internet not required to use the app (some features, i.e. cloud syncing require a data connection)
-100% customizable "stamps" that enter common phrases and sentences with one tap
- Image Drawing - draw over 4 different body image backgrounds to add supplemental information to the visit note.
- Custom client fields - enter the information that you need for every client
- Keep all patient documents in one place. Attachable documents for clients (png, pdf, txt, rtf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, numbers, and pages files supported.)

- Universal app! iPhone and iPad apps for one price.
- Share data between devices using Dropbox, Box, our cloud syncing service, or by email.
- Record important client information (address, phone, email, marital status, occupation, emergency contact information, insurance provider/expiration)
- password protected (must enter passcode every time the app is opened)
- backup/restore options (easily back up and restore all data via Dropbox or via Box)
- export client and/or visit information in PDFs for easy billing and record keeping
- Mass email all patients feature. (All clients are BCC'd to ensure patient privacy)
- Contact patient via email or phone directly in the app (phone calling in iPhone version only)

Hope this helps you in your new career endeavors.

Submitted by Nanda on Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Do you think if I contact the developers of that application they will be able to give me more feedback and information maybe they don't even know about voiceover and excess ability for applications like soap noting applications. If they don't have accessibility but they are willing to add it where do I direct them to so they can get the information that they need. Also do you know anything about credit card reader machines I am in desperate need of one and don't know if I should use square or if there are others that are accessible and I would be successful using them. Also I tried square and it was very slow on my iPhone 5S. I have no idea why. Thank you for all your help though I will look into that app right now.