Let's help make Smules app accessible again

Accessibility Advocacy

Hello all, Smule, the company that is known for their sing! and other music apps, used to be accessible, but unfortunatly, it is no longer accessible for voice over users. I suggest that everyone emails the devs, and ask them to make their apps accessible again. If we can all come together and email the devs it can be mor easyer for everyone. their email is:

I already emailed them earlyer today asking them to bring back accessibility twards the sing! app. I'm currently awaiting a reply from them. Thanks for reading.



Submitted by jcdjmac (not verified) on Saturday, December 31, 2016

@JeffB they are basically music apps. Sing! Karaoke used to be very accessible, but they updated the user interface, so now it's not all that accessible, but I still use it. You could sing either solo, or as a duet with someone elce. I have an all access pass, which caust $39.99 a year. I will continue in march of next year.

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