Invitation to Testing & Teaching iOS VoiceOver App Accessibility Webinar

Accessibility Advocacy

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VoiceOver, a feature Apple has built into all iOS devices to enable Braille and speech access for users who are unable to see the screen, has revolutionized the lives of blind people. It works best when apps are deliberately developed in ways that ensure compatibility with VoiceOver and blind people are considered during development and included in all facets of the testing process.

If you are a developer who has been asked to ensure the full VoiceOver accessibility of your app, following a step-by-step plan will help you get it right the first time, and keep getting it right through each subsequent update.

If you are an educator, following an organized plan will help you determine which iOS apps will best meet your blind students' needs and effectively teach them how to use each new app they encounter throughout their studies and beyond.

If you are a blind person who is new to iOS, or you are an advanced user of many apps, following a coherent plan will help you quickly come up to speed with the built-in capabilities of your device and each new app you install.

The purpose of this webinar is to introduce and demonstrate a step-by-step plan that provides a straightforward way for advocates, developers, educators and others to quickly explore, learn and improve the accessibility of all apps in Apple's iOS ecosystem.

After introducing the plan, a critical feature of two iOS apps will be demonstrated. The first demonstration will evaluate an inaccessible feature in an app and provide useful strategies for testing, working around and correcting the issue. The second demonstration will highlight an accessible feature in an app and provide strategies for exploring, evaluating and teaching its effective use.

Finally, there will be time for questions, answers and additional resources.

Darrell Shandrow Hilliker
Darrell Shandrow Hilliker is an accessibility evangelist for blind people with over 30 years of mainstream and assistive technology experience. He specializes in supporting and testing the accessibility of computer-based software, mobile apps, websites and other information technology systems for blind people. He is CompTIA A+ and Network+ certified and has held Cisco and SonicWALL certifications.
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When: Wednesday 3 August 2016, 03:00 PM - 04:15 PM
Time Zone: (GMT-07:00) Arizona
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