Inability to Activate Audio Captcha Challenge on Google Scholar

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Today while trying to link from my school library to Google Scholar, I encountered a severe issue with the captcha. The audio challenge button fails to load an audio challenge on OS 10.11 with Safari. Below is a Youtube video demonstrating what I am referring to,and I have reported this to Google. However, I am trying to see if anyone else experiences this issue. Yes, signing in with my Google account will resolve the issue, but logging in with my Gmail account also removes the tools my University library places on Google Scholar searches linking to different databases for obtaining full text articles.



Submitted by The Tiki Lab on Friday, November 20, 2015

There's a possibility that it has some link types blocked by default, school network admins are usually not very good at parsing good from bad and just block everything. Something you can try is right clicking OR if you're using the keyboard to navigate get focus on the audio challenge button and tap the button next to your RIGHT Ctrl to open the context menu and pick "open in new window". If that doesn't do the trick for you bring that context menu up and try "save target as", if it wants to download a file ending in something other than .php, .htm, .html then it's likely the sound file itself. Save that and open it up.
Depending on where exactly in the world your school is you can go and speak with a counselor and they're pretty much required to make accessibility accommodations for you. At lest in the US, UK and a pretty big chunk of the rest of Europe as far as I understand.
Hopefully this is helpful information and good luck!