how many users utilize shopping apps?

Accessibility Advocacy
Hi, all, I have recently been downloading apps for various stores to make my grocery and other shopping more accessible and more fun and more independent. I have found Wal-mart, Winn Dixie, and publix to be to a large extent accessible but haven't found Target to be very accessible when you browse products and no way to do a search. Winn Dixie's weekly specials and Wal-mart's products searches are wonderfully accessible. I wonder if you will have to register to use target's site or if the product search and browsing is not currently accessible to voice over. Could someone shed light on this subject and would others of you be willing to try this app and/or write the developers of this app to see if it can be made more accessible to us? I would like to see all of these shopping apps to be easily available and accessible. I have the Sam's Club app but am not sure yet if it is usable and accessible but plan to do this soon.


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