hi all. can i Getting Refunds for my iTunes Store Purchases?

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hi every body please can i Getting Refunds for my iTunes Store Purchases is their any Accessible way to do that i try it on iTunes but it's not accessible



Submitted by AnonyMouse on Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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To answer to your question. Yes, you can. Have the following information so that it will be easier on you in making your plea for a refund. e-Mail to the following: iTunesStoreSupport@Apple.com Give them as much information in the reasoning of why you want a refund. Be pleasant and courteous about it. They will usually want the following information: The e-mail that you used to purchase the item Your name on the account Your billing address that is on your iTunes account The order number of the item The receipt Date The item name I hope this helps you out and that you get your refund.