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I think that I was missing to read that someone posted about end a call by tapping the lock-screen button top of the iPhone, next to ear. Every time I'll end a call, I always tried to end call by lock-screen button and it does'nt work. My iPhone 5 has the last Ios 6.1.4. Is it cuz of it? So, I cannot use the function to make it call ending by that, and istead use end call by double-click by two fingers. I really thought that using lock-screen button was the best alternative!!!!!



Submitted by Cliff on Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hi Jayson! Yupp, that works fine. The trick is to hstill hold your phone up to your ear while pressing the sleep-button. As soon as you take the phone just a little bit away from your ear, the speaker mode is activated and the screen comes on. If pressing the sleep/lock-button then, the only thing that happens is that the screen locks. So press the key while the phone is still pressed agains your ear, and you should be fine! :) The only thing about that, that I don't like so much, is that this places the phone on the screen where you have the slider to unlock it. So you'll either have to press the lock-button once more to completely lock the phone, or you could wait for it to automatically lock. Or if you want to continue using the phone right away, to e.g. close the phone app, that doesn't close automatically after the call is ended, you would have to doubletap the slider to unlock the screen. So either way, you'll have to perform one sort of action, either if you want to lock the phone or continue using it. You're sort of caught in between the two worlds, like in a locked-screen twilight zone.. Haha... :) Hope this helps :)

Submitted by Brooke on Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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I've never been able to get the lock screen button to end a call, no matter what I've tried. I'm not sure why, because I know others have had some success with it. I've always had to do the two-finger double-tap

That's weird... Has always worked for me... But as mentioned above, be sure to press the lock-button before the phone leaves your ear, or else it wont work. If you can't get that to work, I would probably try doing a soft reset of the phone. Hold the home and sleep-button pressed down together for 10-15 seconds untill the phone turns off and then turns on again. So don't release the buttons untill the apple logo apears on the screen again. But you might wanna get sighted assistance when doing this, because a bug causes this to also reset VoiceOver settings. So if you don't have a computer/mac with itunes available, you will probably need sighted help to get VO running again. The next step would be to do a itunes backup of the phone, and then do a restore to factory settings. But that should in most cases not be nessesary... :) Hope this helps somewhat... ;)