dragon dictation and dragon search: totally inaccessible now!

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Hi. as described in subject, last Nuance Dragon search and dictation updates made the apps completely inaccessible to voiceover users. At least the first window. I mean: just accept license and select region, then, voiceover is gone! Nuance told me to uninstall, and reinstall it after rebooting device, but nothing changed I just sent a ticket via this form: http://technicalsupport.nuance.com/mobility/index.php Of course, American and English users may not care about dragon, if they have an iPhone 4s, or a jailbroken previous device with some siri tweak or if they already use another paid app called "voice to apps" But, I suggest to give some feedbacks to nuance, as maybe they did not understand the meaning of this problem the more we are, the more we hope to be listened to Here is the copy of my ticket: *** Ticket ID: YYE-419929 voiceover gets silent with dragon applications Hi, just yesterday I wrote a mail talking about a trouble encountered after updating dragon dictation to 2.0.18 version. One of your tech support, answered me saying I should uninstall, reboot iPhone and then reinstall I did this operation for four times, but the problem persists, and, better, gets worse: yesterday, voiceover started reading again, by double-tapping anywhere twice. 2 fast taps when starting the app, and 2 fast taps one or more seconds after. Like starting a fake recording Now, after uninstallation and reinstallation, there is no way to make it recover! voiceover just stays silent. Dumb. You just select region. accept license. Confirm contacts recognition, then, it's dead no way to revive it, just pressing home and hope it restarts like that! otherwise, the only way to make it talk is restarting the device. Dragon search's last update also has this problem, there is no chance to use it with voiceover, the TTS just stops working and there is no way to revive it, just hoping in the help of a sighted person This is a serious matter, please consider a fix! thanks ***



Submitted by Scottsdale on Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hi, Just a quick post to confirm the behaviour described above. If it helps to narrow things down to whether this is hardware specific, I'm running dictate on a 32gb iPhone 4, with iOS5.0.1. Next stop is iTunes, to backup a copy of the previous version!