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I got Apple TV for Christmas and I applaud Apple on their commitment to building accessibility into their devices. As a totally blind user, I scan easily navigate the menus on Apple TV. However, I continue to be disappointed with the lack of availability of movies and shows with descriptive video. I completely understand that DV is not available of many shows. It is, however, becoming more common. I have gone to see several movies in the theatre where the descriptive audio was available for the movie. In addition, the DVD for these films often now includes the option of watching the movie with the DV enabled. (Where this has been made available in theatres for the films, I fail to see why this is not included on the DVD releases for all these films, but the situation is improving) What really bothers me is that movies, where a DV track has been produced, cannot be rented from iTunes, or is not available on Netflicks. It would seem to me that this should be able to be easily done. Simply offer a version of the movie with the DV track for viewing as an option. The real challenge is the creation of the DV audio, but once this is done, it seems to me that the option of watching these movies using Netflicks or iTunes should be made available. Just my two cents worth.



Submitted by Fleurppel on Wednesday, January 1, 2014

There are some descriptive videos available on iTunes. They're mostly Disney movies and the selection is limited, but it is there. I understand your frustration.

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