Broken accessibility with Credit Karma iOS App!

Accessibility Advocacy

Hey guys,
I am starting this thread to give an update of an app that had good accessibility, but now has taken a step backwards.
Credit Karma didn't have best layout, but it was accessible. Unfortunately, the app has taken a step backwards with its 2 most recent updates. They just updated the app to include passcode for security. I have absolutely no issue with this security update. However, they have now introduced a very annoying glitch for voice over users.
The main login screen you enter email, password, and now passcode. After you are logged in, all your credit profile populates properly. However the overlay which included your login credentials never goes away. While voice over reads your credit profile, its also asking constantly to login while already logged in.
I have already pointed this out to their support team, as well as Ken Lin the CEO. If you use this app, please consider emailing them with your concerns. While the app is somewhat usable, its annoying. So much so, that I now use website. While it is accessible, its not as easy to navigate as the app.
If you would like to email the company, I'm including the company email.

Support :

Thanks for help with this issue guys!

Regards, JP