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I am at the time of writing, as I'm posting this, am speaking to a Bittorrent Sync UX person from Bittorrent and am happy to say that it seem that for this whole day, all the way from this morning, I've been dealing with accessibility with Bittorrent Sync. I've encuraged the guy I'm talking to right now, Shahar to create a user account, or get a dev to possibly join Applevis as a developer, so we can keep in touch with them. I've been getting great feedback from Shahar and others too, for those that have not used BittorrentSync, or have but stopped do to accessibility problems. The iOS version of Sync works fine, just has focus issues I believe, but works good. I'd use Sync over any other product, e.g Dropbox as soon as they finish getting it all to work right. I just wanted to post this so you all would know about it, for those that may have been wanting to use the App, either on the Mac, or iOS, etc.

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Submitted by Kyle on Monday, October 26, 2015

while i can't speak to the accessibility of a mac BTSync client, it is very accessible on ios. chad, were you on ios?

Submitted by chad on Monday, October 26, 2015

hi no was on the mac side i will try IOS

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Monday, October 26, 2015

The reason I left btsync in favor of sync thiung is because you have to pay for syncing more then 10 folders and I have over 173. Plus you need to generate a key for every subfolder. Not so with syncthing. That is an easier platform to use and very accessible.

That was the first thing I brought up with one of the support guys on Monday and he said it's not anymore. You do have to pay, but that's only for advanced device features, other then that, it's just as it once was before. There aware of the start up problem as well. I had the guy do a Team viewer session with me and he seen it first hand what was going on. I've tried using Synching but have been having problems. It's buggy, and my copy keeps ending up saying "unknown device... Synching" as the title URL and my file folder's disappear. Sarah, could you perhaps Skype with me or something maybe, because I'm truly missing something or something. I'll give it a try once more, but I removed it from my server account and Mac because of it. raywonder1

Submitted by KE7ZUM on Thursday, October 29, 2015

Yeah that's a bug. I can't really help as all I do is start a screen session and detatch once the web ui comes up. I have had no problems since. Just restart syncthing using the brake command and start it in a screen session and detatch.