Apple Support Communities website inaccessibility

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Hello, I'm not sure if this is just me and something I'm doing wrong, but I find the apple support communities website to be very hard to type text into (text fields are not easy to get into with VoiceOver on the mac.) On the iPhone, the "multi-line text field" acts a little better, at least allowing me to edit it, but I still can't go up and down with my finger inside it to read back what I've written, and it just doesn't act like a normal text field (such as this one for AppleVis) on either platform. If this is just my experience, I apologize, but if I'm not the only one, I think I'll put a feedback form into Apple. I wanted to check with all of you first before I did that though. Thanks so much guys, Rocco



Submitted by Laszlo on Friday, April 18, 2014

I can confirm that the Apple Support Communities forums is definitely not as easy to use as I would like. When I tried to create a new topic back in November, I was unable to get very far in the process. I think it was that after I clicked the new topic button that I too couldn't find the text field, but I honestly don't remember for sure.

Submitted by Ekaj on Friday, April 18, 2014

Hello. While I haven't had any experience actually filling anything out on Apple's support pages, I have had an issue with their knowledge base articles. This is only in Safari, as I have yet to try anything using Google Chrome and Chromevox. But the issue is that I have been unable to get these articles to read, even when doing a Say-All with VO-A. Apple's Feedback form, on the other hand, seems to be accessible. I've never filled that one out either, but I did check it out because I was curious.

Submitted by Ekaj on Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Hi everyone. I am confirming this too, with both Safari and Chrome. All I can get VoiceOver to read on the Apple Support Communities website is the names of posters and their images. I haven't tried the site with Chromevox because I don't have it. But I tried interacting with no luck either.

Submitted by Ekaj on Sunday, July 30, 2017

I'm revisiting this thread because I've been experiencing a problem with the Automatic Updates Feature on my MacBook, and I went back to the Apple Support Communities site to post a question about this. Their site seems to be a lot more accessible now than it was. I am running the latest build of OS Sierra, and tried the site with both VoiceOver and Chromevox. In addition, the emails I just got indicating that somebody replied are accessible too. It appears Apple is using one of those editors with a bunch of formatting controls, but I was able to navigate everything with little difficulty thus far. Not sure if there's a way to switch to a more basic editor, but I am going to try and find out.